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VR In Healthcare – A Revolution

There is constant evolution in the education system to help make learning easier and more efficient for students. It is well-known that Virtual Reality (VR) technology has paved the way for learning to not only be more in-depth but exciting as well. According to reports issued by the National Institutes of Health, students enjoy VR simulation training due to its transfer of learning to real-life contexts. The report also suggests that the VR simulation approach has significantly impacted medical professionals and students positively, especially during the pandemic, by allowing them to gain clinical experience virtually.

Thus, at MedisimVR, we understand that the future of nursing relies on VR due to its hands-on approach to clinical experience, decision making, management, problem-solving, and more. Hence, our aim is to bring about a revolution in medical training in India, which helped us win at S3 Conference Awards 2022 as the Runner-Up in Education & Research Category.

At MedisimVR, you can,

Gain Valuable Experience:

The experience that students gain through the fully-immersive VR healthcare training includes understanding how to deal with real-time challenges occurring in the medical world. The environment created in the MedisimVR simulation is similar to its real-world counterpart, providing an excellent opportunity for students to build relevant experience.

The VR experience mimics the actual medical field, which is created in the format “do one, see one, teach one”. This approach helps students learn independently through our protocol-based application integrated with the NMC curriculum, which delivers appropriate instructions and guidelines for the students.

At Medisim VR, medical simulation training offers limitless learning where students can practice, enhancing their clinical skills at their convenience without the constant supervision of instructors or medical practitioners. OurVR simulation training has a vast library for students and healthcare providers, from administering an injection and inserting a catheter into the body, to knowledge of clinical terminologies and methodologies.

Assessing Ability:

One of the most prominent and important steps in becoming a great clinical practitioner or provider is the ability to evaluate one’s capability and hold up-to-date medical knowledge. Through our VR medical training, students can assess their ability with our AI-powered feedback system. It provides users with a comprehensive evaluation and assessment where the students can identify both areas of weakness and improvement as well as ones of proficiency. The platform also gives students the opportunity to learn and communicate with other members across the world, in the same virtual space, enabling group-based learning too.

MedisimVR in healthcare simulation training offers a complete, versatile experience for medical students and nursing professionals to become top patient-care providers. We provide a crucial approach for medical institutions to offer students a high-standard and risk-free environment to improve one’s skills, accuracy, and efficiency.