A curriculum designed to help nursing professionals and students hone their clinical skills.

Nursing Simulation In VR

Immersive simulations that replicate real-world scenarios to help nursing professionals and students develop clinical skills.

Key Features

AI Analytic Report

AI powered analytics engine provides highly accurate competency reports at completion of every module.

Multi-user platform

Collaborative training enabled platform dedicated to team-based treatment protocols and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Customisable Content

Customisable content and protocols that cater to hospitals and institutions globally.

Situational Training

ACLS & BLS training with protocols such as crisis management and emergency scenarios.


Workshops and Certifications programs in association with the Healthcare Skill Sector Council of India (HSSC).

VR Lab

State of the art VR labs with advanced technologies such as haptics and realistic virtual patients.

Virtual Reality – The Biggest Step In Nursing Study

Virtual reality is rapidly changing the dynamics of education. Given the pandemic and similar circumstances, education in nursing is seeing new heights, where professionals and students find it effective for their studies. Virtual reality in nursing education focuses entirely on teaching and developing the clinical skills of nursing students and professionals.

Traditional modalities tend to be restricted to simple procedure demonstrations followed by the students practising the same. Although this approach has proven to be effective in preparing the students to face clinical conditions and challenges, MedisimVR offers students an experience to take up all their clinical assessments with the utmost confidence through virtual patient mannikins. Here, students get trained in human-centred skill sets, making them efficient in undertaking real-world interventions.

VR in healthcare is the most advanced immersive simulation technology that allows nursing professionals and students to enhance their clinical skills in an artificial environment. Initially, these virtual reality simulations were developed in 360 degrees computerised versions for entertainment, where the individual is immersed in the artificially created world, where they may partake in a variety of experiences and activities.

As a result, VR technology became very popular and found its application in every industry. Akin to virtual reality in nursing education, it has also found its application in the engineering and construction sectors to assist future architects and workers in their processes, such as design, safety, and complex machinery operations.

MedisimVR finds this approach to be more helpful, with higher rates of participation among students. The focus lies in encouraging students to evaluate their abilities through the practical application of theoretical learning via our VR training modules.

It is also to be noted that some universities find this technology exciting and have started developing their software for students’ practice. At the outset, virtual reality in nursing education was considered an expensive option, given the hardware requirements of headphones and handheld remotes. However, as a consequence of its recent widespread popularity, an average yet full-immersive VR simulation is affordable to a wide range of educational institutions.

Thus, we offer VR simulation training to our nursing professionals and students; a realistic approach to traditional healthcare learning through their fully-immersive VR, which significantly enhances the clinical skills of students.

Another reason virtual reality in nursing education has been implemented in healthcare is because it encourages users to make timely critical decisions. For example, the circumstance of a patient’s worsening condition puts the student in a risk-free but crucial position to problem-solve and make timely decisions. The implementation of such an approach helps students gain the essential confidence required for real-world interventions.

It is time for educational providers to incorporate digital methods and other innovative approaches in their curriculum. Virtual reality nursing simulation is one of the healthcare industry’s most advanced and significant steps. MedisimVR helps nursing professionals and students to prepare themselves to face real-time scenarios with utmost confidence.