A virtual patient to master the skill of medical assessment

Diagnose in Virtual Environment (DIVE)

Perfect patient care skills and boost confidence before
stepping out into the real world

Through realistic patient simulations, DIVE addresses the need to perfect diagnostic skills before working with real patients using modules that promote patient interaction, eliciting patient history, patient examination, and consolidation of clinical findings.

Key Features

Diagnose in Real Time

Engage and hone the skills of history taking, examining, and eliciting signs and symptoms, aiding students to arrive at potential diagnoses

Low-Risk Environment

The virtual world affords students a safe environment to interact, carry out training skills, and most importantly, make mistakes without causing real harm.

Multiple Scenarios

The modules offer a wide variety of scenarios to have students experience a diverse selection of cases and encounters

Realistic Patient Interaction

In the less intimidating virtual environment, students can interact with patients in the simulated clinical setting through questioning and observing signs exhibited

Viva Voce Session

After arriving at a diagnosis and completing the module, students can engage with a virtual tutor to discuss the case and further one’s understanding