A curriculum designed to help aspiring medical professionals learn and perform essential clinical skills

Virtual Reality Medical Training

Designed to upskill undergraduates, nurses, and all medical professionals on various medical and surgical tasks.

An immersive experience that simulates medical environments, giving students the opportunity to engage in medical and surgical tasks, helping develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Key Features

Limitless Learning

Practice clinical skills repeatedly, at one’s requirement and convenience, without the constraints of external resources and availability of instructors and patients.

Protocol-based Learning

Structured modules offer an integrated learning experience using NMC curriculum-based guidelines and instructions to deliver appropriate training.

Vast Library

From ‘injection administration’ to ‘catheterisation’, a consistently updated and broad range of skills essential to healthcare providers are available.

Competency Assessment

AI-powered analytic systems that provide a comprehensive assessment and evaluation report, helping highlight areas of difficulty and to improve performance.

Collaborative Learning

Multiple users from any corner of the world can join the same virtual space that enables remote tutoring, group learning, and inter-role communication.

VR Lab Set-up

We customize the Lab Space at Institutes to fully equip with one-of-a-kind automated VR stations creating better VR training access.

The Medisim Advantage

Medisim Advantage

Our VR Lab Set-up

Virtual reality labs, designed to enable institutions to set a high standard
of medical training and competency assessment for students at every level.