Our Edusim portal launches the user into the world of medical education. This fully immersive experience starts from the basics of human anatomy and takes the user through the entire spectrum of the medical school curriculum. By actively engaging the user, it ensures that time spent is much more effectively rewarded. This methodology helps you develop an in-depth conceptual understanding of the subjects, allowing you to build solid foundations for the rest of your medical career. It also allows the user to adapt to the evolving trend of integrated curriculums. With our collaborative learning mode, multiple users can jump into the same virtual world, meaning you can have tutoring sessions from remote locations all across the world.

Performance Evaluation

MediSim VR Analytics provides feedback to the trainer and trainee in order to assess skill level and learning metrics.

Curriculum Integration

We can adopt your curriculum and custom build a virtual reality experience to more effectively teach particular processes and skills.

Affordable Cost

Cover the entire gambit of medical simulation on the same hardware & software platform. Tailor make and practice multiple simulations without the burden of recurring hardware investment.

Surgical Simulation

Our LAPROVR helps train the budding laparoscopic surgeon in a variety of minimally invasive procedures, starting from the laparoscopic appendicectomy and the cholecystectomy. At the core of our simulator, lies our proprietary ‘Intelligent Haptic Engine Technology’ (IHET). IHET is driven by actual medical data and provides accurate, organ-specific haptic feedback to the surgeon. This provides an unparalleled degree of psychomotor learning and sets us apart from other surgical simulators.

Virtual Patients

We are developing a set of virtual patients which budding clinicians can interact with, identify signs and make a diagnosis. We believe this will help bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical practice. Virtual patients addresses the ethical concerns in terms of addressing sensitive topics or dealing with strong emotions that are present in working with actual patients. Our Virtual Patients give young clinicians a chance to hone their diagnostic skills before stepping onto the field.

Procedural Simulation

Train on our AlphaPro platform to perfect your patient care skills in a completely safe environment before you step into the very real and demanding healthcare world. This platform hosts a number of procedural modules which have been curated by subject matter experts and make a visible difference in the confidence levels of healthcare professionals in performing their tasks. Not only can you train on a fully assisted mode to learn the proper procedural techniques, you also get to assess your proficiency level on a free mode. This proves a valuable testing metric to determine whether students have attained sufficient proficiency before actively engaging patients