“Suddenly you open your eyes and you find yourself in a world where there is a do over, when mistakes are made.

You can teleport to any part of the world, never seen before in your life. Suddenly everything seems doable, how is all this even possible?

There is no time travel in reality, there is no do over when you have made a mistake”.

This is it, this is the future, right here in the present. This is VR – VIRTUAL REALITY!.

Understanding virtual reality might take a while, and for some individuals it might require convincing, but it is a technology that has been studied and explored since the 1900’s. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation where you can immerse yourself just by wearing specialized headsets. Virtual reality was once a distant dream, out of a fantasy. Teleportation to your desired destination from the comfort of your home is now made possible by Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality, an immersive experience was first considered to be a part of the entertainment industry. Today, thanks to various players thinking outside the box and adapting to the changing world, VR is now used in the education, training, healthcare, therapy etc.,

There are quite a few companies who have adopted this technology for various services, for example:

Google expedition: Of course the first platform listed is going to be a product of google! Google Expedition is its attempt at bringing an immersive learning experience for students through VR and AR.

Volvo's test drive: Volvo Group is a multinational manufacturing company with cars, buses, and trucks as its core activity, they upped the sales of their XC90 model by allowing the user a test drive through the phone via a VR app!

BetterCloud: Job applications can be nerve wrecking and tricky. BetterCloud is a leading software company in New York that builds SaaS management software, introduced a VR recruitment app for their candidates to have a 360-degree look at the work culture at BetterCloud.

Floreo: Floreo, a learning app dedicated to helping people with ASD, uses Virtual Reality for teaching science-based social and communication skills. It equips the learner with fun and engaging lessons to build real-world skills such as gestures, small talk, police encounters, crossing the street, etc.

Guided Meditation VR: 5 minute meditation break at work on a rough day! Guided Meditation VR is a relaxation app where the user meditates at the place of their choice and has a library of expert teachers along with a fully immersive experience – escape from reality!

Matterport: Real estate agents can now impress their clients in one go using Virtual Reality to create a 3D model of the house. Matterport is also in various other fields like architecture, engineering, retail, construction, etc. They introduced a new VR module with higher visual quality where users can walk anywhere in the space without following the VR path.

Box VR: This Oculus Rift optimized video game to give users an immersive work out experience with a rhythm based module. The video game will also display the calories the user has burnt, the number of squats, jabs, and dodges they made during the workout

Boulevard: Boulevard, a New York-based company in partnership with Edmentum, a leading provider of online programs, developed a customised app for students with various art concepts. The app offered a better understanding of poetic elements, research techniques, literary devices, etc

Virtra: The soldiers protect our borders, cities day and night so we can stay safe in our homes and Virtra provides an immersive science-based training simulation for soldiers around the world. Through Virtra, they can prepare for real-time combat by facing virtually integrated scenarios and curriculum.

StriVR: StirVR is designed for athletes to train in a virtual environment. They collaborated with Stanford University Football team and coaches to give users authentic training visuals that are intense and realistic.

MediSimVR It is a VR based medical simulation platform for training medical students. Medical institutes have always been challenged in providing a comprehensive source for practical education. MediSim VR’s patented technology also helps in assessing the competence of the medical students, with real-time error tracking and analytics. It provides a drastic cut down of the expenses for the institutions. For laparoscopic surgeons, this innovative technology substitutes operating on anesthetized pigs.