As I took a step forward, out of my wooden cottage, I see pear trees spot the hill as far as eyes can see, past which great mountains loomed and I held still awe-struck at how they soared up into the clouds as if they meant to kiss the heavens. As the peaks play hide and seek with my vision, I force myself to unglue my gaze, to see the mountains lay in a distinguished row, almost as if, many years ago a great beast had lay to rest amidst the terrain, never to awoke again. The mountains tapered, towards what I imagined to be the beast’s tail, I notice that they at this point are clustered together, huddling to keep warm and escape the biting cold. My fantasy loving mind, ponders over the fact that one day, the sleeping giant might one day stir and walk the earth again.

The great line of mountains were distanced to me by a large dense forest. I stand on this cliff as I watch the patchwork of green and purple, hues made even more varied as the clouds passed over them, casting shadows over the this mighty land. If I paid attention to what the wind had to say to me, I could almost hear gushing brooks, the sound of the many tree animals going about their amorous activities. The fall from where I stand would be fatal, the view almost giving me vertigo. I understand, these hills did not care much for the mortal doings of men.

I retrace my steps back from the cliff, to my left I see a winding pathway. It seems to be laid with mud and jagged stones, either side dotted with poisonous looking bushes with berries and prickly leaves. I wanted to reach down to pluck one of the blooming flowers, but thought better of it. The hills hold mystery and years of knowledge I could not match. All of the wild could not be known to me. I merely falter around this flowery shrub and go along my journey. The woods get darker and quieter, after which the silence gets so loud, my eardrums weigh me down as a walk, ducking stray branches and caring not to step over insects that dwell this land.

Some smoke in the distance clears out, making it easier for me to see a few wooden houses, the chimney spewing smoke. I assume the fireplace would need to be lit at all times to fight the bitter cold. It surprises me to see that people inhabit the deepest parts of the jungle. Would they not fear bisons and panthers? The venomous snakes that would slither by their homes? At this point I hear the rustling of leaves. Snakes just having been on my mind, I jump out of the direction I hear this from. I was right, I see a snake as long and as bright as the day slither on the grass, black and gold striped with dangerous looking scales of green spotting its length.

I am suddenly overborne with feelings of darkness and peril. I am one with the deafening silence, as I watch this poisonous reptile slither away. I vow to myself not to venture in that direction, as the darkness was taking over the day. I walk past these homes, each from which an eerie buzzing noise emits. I walk for a few minutes, in the lap of mother nature. I could hardly see the sky through the dense trees, patches of orange turning to a deep tinge of violet. I skip a bow of a broken branch on the forest floor and decide that it was time I returned. Hillfolk might know these woods like the back of their hands, but to an alien traveller venturing this deep into the woods in the dark, it was a matter of life and death. Reports of wild bison herds goring men to death, men slipping to their deaths into deep ditches and various other flash in my mind.

I skip back over the bow and make my way back to the pathway. As I cross the houses, I now see they have built fires in their front yards, probably to keep animals away. I see a middle-aged woman with a child of about four or five years old. As our eyes make contact, she smiles at me. She calls out to me and asks me to be careful and to pick up a stick of fire for my safety and to light my journey. I do as I am told to, thank her and wave at her child. They simply smile at me and wave, in a warm fashion, reminding me that the folk native to this hill are well known for their hospitality. I relive my walk to the winding route, keeping a lookout for snakes and other bugs under the blazing fiery glare from the burning stick that I held. The darkness has swept the view away. I no longer see the line of mountains, only the thick fog masking my view and the great beast that lies asleep.

I reach up to the sides of my temples and pull over my head this device which allows me to experience so much beauty. My monday morning is off to a great start, but I know nothing today will match all the exquisite things I have seen this morning. I head over to my breakfast of cereal, laid out on the table. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, I have taken to starting my everyday on this high note, an escape from my daily surroundings. Virtual reality has helped me beat my monday morning blues.